GO Green

Only after the last tree has been cut down….
The last river has been poisoned….
The last fish caught….
Only then, we'll find that money cannot be eaten
Think of this
One day you come out from your house
And all you see is big puffs of black smoke
And no trees!
All you see the Cars and Birds!
All you smell is gasoline and no flowers!

What kind of life is that ?

….so Go Green

DIVINE ENVIRO DESIGNS PRIVATE LIMITED, an Engineering Procurement & Construction company formulating a green environment in the world, head quartered in Chennai, India.   *Total Water & Waste Water Management Solutions    *Total Solid Waste Management Solutions  *Total Medical Waste Management Solutions  *Total Hazardous Waste Management Solutions  *Total Solutions in Energy Recovery & Air Pollution  *Total Solutions in permitting & Risk Assessment



Ultra Filtration : Divine Enviro Designs affords Efficient ultrafiltration system utilizes membranes which can be submerged, back-flushable, air scoured with spiral wound UF/MF membrane that offers superior performance for the clarification of wastewater and process water. Available in spiral wound membrane, Tubular membrane and Hollow fiber membrane with a pressurized system or pressure-vessel system and Immersed system.

Reverse Osmosis : Ro is a modern process technology to purify water for a wide range of applications. Divine Enviro Designs affords standardized systems for smaller flow rates and custom built RO systems for customer’s specific requirements. Our RO system includes qualities like PLC monitoring, Auto flushing with Auto CIP, SCADA controls with provision to link up with client DCS system.

Desalination : Divine Enviro Designs affords sea and Brackish water desalination. The desalination of sea and brackish water has gained enormously in importance and in now a technically and economically recognized method of obtaining clean drinking water and fresh water for industrial operations. In desalination, cogeneration is the production of potable water from seawater or brackish groundwater in an integrated, or “dual-purpose”, facility in which a power plant is used as the source of energy for the desalination process.

Nanofiltration : Divine Enviro Designs affords the latest membrane filtration process is nanofiltration process used most often with low tds water as surface & ground water. Nanofiltration is used for the removal of contaminants from a water source.