GO Green

Only after the last tree has been cut down….
The last river has been poisoned….
The last fish caught….
Only then, we'll find that money cannot be eaten
Think of this
One day you come out from your house
And all you see is big puffs of black smoke
And no trees!
All you see the Cars and Birds!
All you smell is gasoline and no flowers!

What kind of life is that ?

….so Go Green

DIVINE ENVIRO DESIGNS PRIVATE LIMITED, an Engineering Procurement & Construction company formulating a green environment in the world, head quartered in Chennai, India.   *Total Water & Waste Water Management Solutions    *Total Solid Waste Management Solutions  *Total Medical Waste Management Solutions  *Total Hazardous Waste Management Solutions  *Total Solutions in Energy Recovery & Air Pollution  *Total Solutions in permitting & Risk Assessment



Divine Enviro Designs affords products like Chemical Dosing System, Deaerators, Condense Polishing, Boiler Water Chemicals, Sidesteram Filters and Cooling Water Chemicals.

Chemical dosing system is used to infuse the precise quantity of dosing chemical in the stream of water. Our wide array of chemical dosing system get utilized in chemicals such as Polyelectrolyte, Chlorine, Hypo, Soda Ash, Dolomite, Morphelin, Acids, Alkali, Anti Scalant, Alum, Sodium meta bi-sulphate, Lime, etc..,

Our boiler water chemicals are broadly used in diverse water treatment plants to lesser scale formation in boilers, to trim down blow-down time, put off progressive corrosion and blockage of spray nozzles. Cooling water chemicals are used for maximum efficiency and optimal usage and safe to use.

The deareators afforded by Divine Enviro Designs are widely applied in removing oxygen from boiler feed water to defend boiler equipment from harsh corrosion. Our deareators are used for trouble-free boiler operation for putting off corrosion in boiler, steam lines, condensate lines and heat transfer equipment. Condensate polishing unit is broadly utilized in nuclear and fossil power plants for purifying return steam condensate. This condensate polishing comes of immense help for meeting the quality specifications high pressure thermal cycles.

Following types of Post Conditioning systems are crated by us
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Deaerators
  • Condensate Polishing
  • Boiler Water Chemical
  • Sidestream Filters
  • Cooling Water Chemicals
  • Ultraviolet Irradiation
  • Continuous Electro Deiomization.